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Objective Lenses of Microscope - T. Port

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Fluoresced Eukaryotic Cells, US Gov, NIH

We've raised bullfrog tadpoles and documented their metamorphosis into adult frogs.
Meet "Lumpy" our baby bullfrog!

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Virtual Cell Biology Classroom
Materials used in an actual college-level cell biology class: FREE PPT lectures, class notes, study guides, review questions, practice tests & science images & videos.

Virtual Microbiology Classroom
Materials used in an actual college-level microbiology class. FREE lectures, study guides, review questions, practice tests, & microbiology images and videos. Both 8-week & 16-week course curricula available.
Biology PowerPoint Slide
PowerPoint Science Lectures
FREE PowerPoint show lecture presentations used for College 100-level cell biology and microbiology courses.
Science Image Library
FREE science images. We just ask that, if using an image from this site, you give us credit and provide a link to the SPO website (www.scienceprofonline.com).

MacConkey's Agar Growing E. coli

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SPO Virtual Cell Biology Classroom
SPO Virtual Microbiology Classrooms
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Science Songs & Apps
Links to songs & apps relating to various sub-disciplines of science. Main links take you to FREE songs on YouTube, & iTune buttons allows visitors to directly purchase items.
Science Songs and Apps
Instructor's Corner
Instructor's Corner
FREE science teaching materials including completely developed anatomy & physiology, cell biology and microbiology instructor resources currently used in live courses.

Instructors Corner of Science Prof Online
New resources are regularly added to SPO. For updates, follow us on Twitter @ScienceProfSPO or Facebook.
Home School and Classroom Science for Kids
Young children are natural born scientists, full of curiosity! Join the at-home experiments and explorations of a scientist mom & her youngsters.
Free Science Resources for Kids
Science Video Library
FREE science videos on a variety of topics. The majority of the SPO science video collection relates to cell and microbiology laboratory procedures and skills.
Free Science Video Collection

Can you find the camouflaged
baby animal in this video? 
How does its appearance help it hide? 
How does its behavior help it hide?
Enlarging video display helps!
Preview our new FREE Virtual Classroom: Anatomy and Physiology
Science Video Library
Instructors, need a ready-made PowerPoint lesson, or even an entire curriculum? We've got it, and it's free! Seriously.

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