Bullfrog Tadpole
Bullfrog TadpoleBullfrog TadpoleBullfrog Tadpole
Bullfrog Tadpole
Animal Videos: Flatworms, Tadpoles & Fawn

Animal Videos
Flatworms, Tadpoles & Fawn

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Bullfrog Tadpole Videos
See how "Cupcake", the flatworm, was operated on and then regrew (regenerated) her missing body parts!
Bullfrog Tadpole
Page last updated 6/2014
This page features the animal videos that we have created so far: Dugesia planarian flatworms, bullfrog tadpoles and a great video on camouflage featuring a white tailed deer fawn. Check back frequently, as we regularly add new videos, or subscribe to the Science Prof Online Channel on YouTube.
Dugesia Planarian Flatworm Videos

Planaria flatworm adults, winter eggs and baby hatchling flatworms. 
Bullfrog tadpoles ~ 4 months old with footage of swimming and feeding behavior. Narration by young children with kids' music.
Bullfrog tadpoles swimming in aquarium. Accompanied by fun children's music.
Video of Camouflaged White Tail Deer Fawn
Fluoresced Eukaryotic Cells, US Gov, NIH
Currently we are raising bullfrog tadpoles and documenting their metamorphosis into adult frogs!

Click here 
 to meet the bullfrogs!

Planaria Flatworm Image Library
SPO Kid Science!   

Young children are natural born scientists, full of curiosity! Join the at-home experiments and explorations of a scientist mom & her youngsters.
Kid's Watching Moon Jellies
This fawn was left for the day, by its mother, in a secluded college courtyard. This baby is very well hidden. See if you can find it.
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