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Microbial Genetics Review Questions
Microbial Genetics
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These multiple choice and true/false questions are designed to help students practice and test their understanding of this topic.
Replication of Bacterial Chromosome
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Replication of Bacterial Chromosome
1. Why does DNA need to be replicated?

2. What is a DNA molecule  made of?

3Prokaryotes can have extra pieces of DNA, in addition to their chromosome. What is this DNA called and what type of information does it contain?

4. Where else, besides the nucleus, can eukaryotic DNA be found? Why do you suppose that these organelles have their own DNA?

​5. Draw a diagram of the transmission of genetic information starting with the original blueprint (DNA) and ending in the construction of a protein.

6. How are replication and transcription similar? How do they differ?

7. Describe the different types of RNA, their names and their roles. 

8. What is a codon and what is its role in translation?

9. Describe the process of how a protein is constructed from amino acid monomers.

10. Explain how Griffith's experiments revealed the process of transformation.

11. Name and explain the process of how bacterial DNA can be transferred to a new bacterium by a bacteriophage.

12. What are the three methods of horizontal gene transfer that we covered? Name and provide a brief description of each.

13. Since bacteria reproduce by binary fission, why aren’t all bacteria genetically identical; clones? What are the factors that contribute to bacterial genetic diversity?

14. What is gene expression? Are all the genes of a genome being transcribed and translated all of the time? Discuss the example of beta-lactamase gene expression that we covered in class.

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