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Cell Cycle: Mitosis
 Practice Test Questions

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Cell Cycle: Mitosis
Review Questions

Free review questions to help students better understand Mitosis.
Cell Cycle: Mitosis Sample Test Questions
Cell Cycle with Mitosis by Richard Wheeler

3. After mitotic cell division in a diploid organism, each cell (parent cell and daughter cell) does NOT have...

a. duplicated chromosomes
b. homologous chromosomes
c. the same number of chromosomes as before division
d. a nuclear membrane

4. Cells spend the most amount of time in which phase?

a. interphase     b. prophase     c. metaphase     
            d. anaphase     e. telophase

5. During which phase of mitosis do chromosomes condense?

a. interphase     b. prophase     c. metaphase     
             d. anaphase     e. telophase

6. Prokaryotic cells divide by the process of...
a. mitosis   b. meiosis   c. nuclear fusion   d. binary fission

7. What do you call a eukaryotic cell's genetic material during interphase?

a. chromatid     b. RNA     c. chromosome     d. chromatin

1.There are two primary phases in the cell cycle. The name of the cell cycle involving nuclear division is ______. The name of the cell cycle in which the cell grows and prepares for cellular division is _______.

a. interphase, meiosis
b. mitosis, interphase
c. prophase, anaphase
d. metaphase, telophase
e. mitosis, meiosis 

​2.During replication 
the chromosomes are condensed and compact.

a. True        b. False
​The following questions are based on material that can be found on the Cell Cycle: Mitosis Lecture Main Page.

Mitosis Classroom Exercise
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8. In mitosis, chromosomes line up at the equatorial plate during...

a. prophase   b. interphase   c. metaphase   
           d. anaphase   e. telophase

9. Through a microscope you see a cell plate beginning to develop across the middle of a cell and nuclei reforming on either side of the cell plate. The cell you are looking at is most likely...

a. an animal cell in the process of cytokinesis
b. a plant cell in the process of cytokinesis
c. an animal cell in the S phase of the cell cycle
d. a bacterial cell dividing
e. a plant cell in metaphase

10. Which of the following correctly ranks nucleic acid structures in order of size, from smallest to largest?

a. gene, chromosome, nucleotide, codon
b. nucleotide, codon, gene, chromosome
c. chromosome, gene, codon, nucleotide
d. nucleotide, chromosome, gene, codon
e. chromosome, nucleotide, gene, codon