Cell Cycle Mitosis Review Questions

Cell Cycle: Mitosis 
Review Questions

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Cell Cycle: Mitosis Review Questions
Cell Cycle: Mitosis
Practice Test Questions

These multiple choice and true/false questions are designed to help students practice and test their understanding of Mitosis.
Cell Cycle with Mitosis by Richard Wheeler

3. Explain what happens during each subphase of interphase.

4. Explain the main event of each phase of mitosis. (Click here for a photographic guide to a classroom exercise showing the different phases of mitosis.)

5. Explain the forms that chromosomes are in for each phase of the cell cycle I-PMAT:
  • a. chromatin or chromosome (uncondensed DNA or condensed DNA)?
  • b. unduplicated, duplicated or daughter chromosome?

6. During what phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication take place?

7. Explain what form the DNA molecule is in during interphase and how the material is packaged when the cell is preparing to divide. 

1. Describe how cytokinesis is accomplished and differs in a plant cell versus an animal cell.

2. During which stages of the cell cycle would a chromosome consist of two identical chromatids?

These are review questions are designed to help students better understand the Mitosis. They are based on materials that can be found on the Cell Cycle: Mitosis Lecture Main Page.

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