DNA Replication Review Questions
DNA Replication Review Questions

Molecular Genetics: Replication
Review Questions

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DNA Replication Review Questions
DNA Replication
Practice Test Questions

 These multiple choice and true/false questions are designed to help students practice and test their understanding of 
Molecular Genetics: Replication.
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Page last updated: 2/2016
These are review questions  are designed to help students better understand genetic replication. They are based on materials that can be found on the Molecular Genetics: Replication Lecture Main Page.

1. What does it mean that DNA replication is semi-conservative?

2. Why does DNA need to be replicated?

3. What is a DNA molecule made of?

4. What is a replication bubble and how is it involved in the copying of DNA?

5. Explain the process of replication. What has to happen to the parent strands in order for them to be copied? How are the new DNA molecules put together? How does the process ultimately result in two new double-stranded molecules?

6. Explain the difference in how the leading strand and lagging strand of new DNA is constructed.

7. At each end of the replication bubble is a replication fork, where new DNA is being constructed on each strand. How does the replication fork relate to the identity of the lagging and leading strand?

8. Describe the process of how are nucleotide monomers are put together into strands of nucleic acid.

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